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S49_11 EasyCoat
ACEDIN ... in ấn an toàn với ACEDIN D PLANO
BLANKET Technology from UV-PLUS 7 PLUS DensitometerTechnology Made in GERMANY Precise Effective Reliable The very best blanket for extremely sharp dot reproduction on high-quality sheet-fed offset presses.. CONTI-AIR® CRYSTAL CONTI-AIR® PRESTIGE
Bao bi
CONTI-AIR® ENTROPIA  CONTI-AIR® FSR Tough all-purpose blankets for sheet-fed offset as well as heatset and coldset applications.. SENOLITH WB SENOLITH UV SENOLITH FP SENOSCREEN UV SENOSOFT SENOSAFE SENOFLEX WB SENOBOND UV
vẹc - ni Varnish
Rubber Roller best Quality. Give it a try! Lô Cao su  chất lượng tốt nhất. Hảy thử dùng xem!
for: Heidelberg Man Roland Komori Mitsubishi KBA Koenig Bauer
Good Quality! Certified
Easycoat W 740 Gloss Varnish for Packaging Needs Water based gloss coating KEY CHARACTERISTICS ● For board and paper ● Double sided application possible under good processing conditions ● Fast drying, short delivery ● Good block resistance ● Good rub resistance ● Rub resistance: > 600 double rub (Prüfbau Quartant) ● Heat seal resistance: up to 140 °C against MS-foil (1 bar/1 sec) ● Solid content: 32 - 34 % depending on viscosity ● With suitable dispersion glue, pretest necessary ● Viscosity: various / 20 °C / DIN 4 mm PACKAGING 25 kg plastic can 120 kg plastic drum 200 kg plastic drum 1000 kg plastic container BENEFITS ● Medium slip properties INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE Stir well before use! Dilution: with water or water/IPA 1:1 premixed. Cleaning: with water or Varnish Remover. Do only use ink according DIN 16524/25 (alkaline-,solvent-, spirit-resistant). TRANSPORT & STORAGE Store at room temperature. Protect from freezing, heat above 35 °C and direct  sunlight.